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The Grand Prize Winner of the 2018 Katerva Awards has been chosen! We are pleased to announce that Members of our Awards Council have identified Protix, our Food category winner, as our 2018 Grand Prize Winner.  


Protix uses insects to develop sustainable products to be integrated into the food system. Their products include an insect based pet food, as well as products used in animal agriculture such as fish and chicken feed. This allows for a more sustainable source of protein that helps to reduce the environmental damage caused by the agricultural industry. 

On receiving the news Protix CEO Kees Aarts commented,"Protix is honored to receive Katerva's Grand Prize, one that recognizes the hard work and dedication of the entire Protix family to deliver insect based ingredients reliably to our customers. We're proud to be recognized by an organization that does so much to advance the cause of sustainable innovation, and eager to continue the work of supporting that cause by helping create a more sustainable global food system with our transformational proteins for fish, chickens, shrimp, pets and humans."

Protix was selected from ten amazing finalists, all of  whom have all great potential to accelerate sustainable innovation in their respective Award Category. As our Grand Prize Winner, Protix will receive acceleration support from Katerva including mentorship, advising, networking, and scalability planning. Our aim is to advance the work of Protix and accelerate their capacity to make large-scale changes in the food system. 

The Other 9 Category Winners are:

Afforest for Future 
Category: Environment 

Tailors desert greening programs to specific ecosystems, and uses artificial intelligence to monitor and learn from the results

Fundación Capital
Category: Economics

Promotes financial inclusion by facilitating partnerships between financial institutions and governments to support social programs

The Victoria Hand Project
Category: Human Development

Developed a 3D printed, lower-cost, upper limb prosthesis deployed to areas where traditional prosthesis were not fully accessible 

AirGo Design 
Category: Transportation

Creating a more lightweight and sustainably sourced airplane seat, reducing COemissions by reducing fuel needs

Category: Materials, Resources & Water

An environmentally friendly cement based on geopolymers that create a more sustainable, cost effective building material

Category: Smart Cities

Implementing smart waste management technology to move cities towards a life cycle thinking 

Category: Gender Equality

Connects marginalized female doctors to patients to increase access to healthcare for patients and work for doctors

Solar Reserve
Category: Energy & Power

Advances solar storage capacity to increase the reliability of renewable energy

Category: Behavior Change

Uses data collection technology in commercial kitchens to cut food waste and reduce costs

All our finalists are doing amazing work and can benefit from being part of the Katerva network. We are constantly on the lookout for radical innovations that have the potential to radically shift us toward a more sustainable world. If you know of an innovation that fits this description, let us know.  

Congratulations again to Protix!

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