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Katerva is delighted to sponsor the #FutureOf series at LeadersIn, written by Katerva's #Futurist Adi Gaskell. In this mini-series Adi looks one sector hugely impacted by CoronaVirus: mobility.

Autonomous driving, electrification and shared mobility have been important topics in the context of mobility for a while. In his first article Adi asks how COVID will affect them? For example, what will a drop of 70-90% of public transport journeys in major cities mean for ride shares? Read McKinsey’s predictions in their article “Five COVID-19 aftershocks reshaping mobility’s future” or check out the video below in which German television statio Deutsche Welle contemplates possible impacts of COVID-19 on mobility and transportation.



In his second article on #FutureofMobility Adi homes in on electric vehicles. Did you know that the concept of electric vehicles has been around since the 1800s but was swepted aside when Henry Ford started to mass-produce gasoline power vehicles. Globally only one in 250 cars is currently electric, yet some countries are far ahead: In 2019 there were about 90,000 light-duty plug-in electric vehicles registered out of a total of ca 2,8 million cars, making it one in about 30. Check out the video which shares “Why The Car of The Future is an Autonomous Electric Car.”

In his third article on #FutureofMobility Adi explores possible longer term implications of COVID-19 on public transport in particular and general infrastructure in general. COVID has led to 80% reduction in both public and private transport, which is primarily a consequence of everyone having to work from home. Given that transportation accounts for around a quarter of global CO2 emissions it is not a bad thing that EY predicts the working from home will be the new normal.



In his last of four articles on #FutureofMobility Adi looks at the potential of autonomous cars to alleviate congestion in cities - if they can collaborate, and if people have faith in their safety.  The video below explores how driverless cars will change the economy.

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