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Katerva is delighted to collaborate with LeadersIn on an ‘Experts Present & Future’ Series, bringing you insight on topics that really matter, right here, right now.

One of the key challenges of our time is to get a achieve transformation - change at the systems’ level.

Transformation is a perfect topic for our first pairing, Agnis Stibe and Manda Scott. Manda is authoress of the famous Boudica series, blogger and initiator of ‘Accidental Gods’  - you will find many inspiring podcasts on her website, and hear her thoughts on transformation in the video below.

The other half of our pairing is Agnis Stibe, Full Professor of Transformation and Academic Director on Managing Artificial Intelligence at EM Normandie Business School Metis Lab as well as the founder of TRANSFORMS.ME. Check out Agnis' take on transformation and systems change.

In the third video in this series you can hear our two experts in the conversation with LeadersIn's Jordan Thorne.


Accelerating the Future...

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