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Protix uses insects to develop sustainable products to be integrated into the food system. Their products include an insect based pet food, as well as products used in animal agriculture such as fish and chicken feed. This allows for a more sustainable source of protein that helps to reduce the environmental damage caused by the agricultural industry. 

On receiving the news Protix CEO Kees Aarts commented,"Protix is honored to receive Katerva's Grand Prize, one that recognizes the hard work and dedication of the entire Protix family to deliver insect based ingredients reliably to our customers. We're proud to be recognized by an organization that does so much to advance the cause of sustainable innovation, and eager to continue the work of supporting that cause by helping create a more sustainable global food system with our transformational proteins for fish, chickens, shrimp, pets and humans."

Protix was selected from ten amazing finalists, all of  whom have all great potential to accelerate sustainable innovation in their respective Award Category. As our Grand Prize Winner, Protix will receive acceleration support from Katerva including mentorship, advising, networking, and scalability planning. Our aim is to advance the work of Protix and accelerate their capacity to make large-scale changes in the food system. 

The Other 9 Category Winners are:

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San Diego, Calif. (June 8, 2018) – Following a rigorous process including just over 1,000 nominations and a review by an international panel of experts and advisors, the 10 Category Winners of the 2018 Katerva Awards have been identified. In its seventh year, the Katerva Award identifies, evaluates and advances the most promising early-stage innovations that are solving the most complex and intractable problems facing the world today.

Katerva, a San Diego-based non-profit institution that has built a public and private sector global network that matches intelligence, the power to enact change and the funding to make it happen.

The 10 awards categories addressing challenges in such areas as energy, transportation, food, transportation and the environment.

"We are excited and very honored to have reached the status of Category Winner,” said Mary Grikas, Vice President Global Communications of SolarReserve. "It is wonderful to be in the company of others who are working to make a difference and have a positive impact on our planet.”

Using an award and grand challenge format, The Katerva Award’s core function is to create a new platform for the way in which the international community connects global information, influence and investment with promising innovations from around the world. Prize winners are matched with best-in-class global advisors and resources to help them further scale their businesses.

“Our greatest hope for a better future lies in the hands of true innovators,” said Terry Waghorn, founder of the awards program. “Our 10 category winners represent some of the most promising solutions to major challenges facing our world today and we are excited to provide them this platform to accelerate their ability to enact real change.”

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In this sixth year of the Katerva Awards over 500 nominations were received across the ten award categories: Energy & Power; Food; Environment; Transportation; Smart Cities; Economy; Materials, Resources and Water; Behavioral Change; Gender Equality; and Human Development.

After the 100 Finalists, 10 per category, were identified through human interaction and machine evaluation, the global network of experts set to work to identify the 10 Category Winners. In a final step Katerva’s prestigious Awards Council identifying the 2017 Katerva Award Grand Prize Winner: Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE). SHE has developed an environmentally sustainable menstrual pad with a scalable business model that uses agro waste readily available in developing countries.

Upon notification of the awards SHE28's Director of Strategy, Connie Lewin, commented: "We hope that our holistic model of local sourcing and local production with our SHE28 initiative will serve as a catalyst for new and sustainable approaches to tackling taboo and overlooked health problems across the world. The Katerva prize is global recognition that our innovative use of banana fiber into an essential health product is more than a novelty; it's a transformative solution that delivers real impact on communities globally."

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Open source schooling gives educational opportunities to everyone

A new breed of companies and social organizations are showing how innovation can be scaled for both business opportunities and global good. Led by resolute and independent thinkers, these companies are making dents in conventional ways of thinking to defy and fight for global change.

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Katerva Award winner and finalists selected to have an immediate, scalable impact on health, food chain, economics and energy

Meat from plants, a new banking system for social change, good energy from food waste: A new breed of companies are showing how innovation can be scaled for both business opportunities and global good. Led by resolute and independent thinkers, these companies are making dents in conventional ways of thinking to defy and fight for global change.

The Katerva Award identifies these companies as finalists annually in its global competition –– referred to by Reuters as "the Nobel Prize for Sustainability". Some 3,500 companies and organizations were submitted to the Katerva Award council last year and Katerva selected 10 companies as this year’s finalists –– as forces to revolutionize areas such as food, business, transportation, energy and economics. The Katerva Award winner this year, 2016, goes to Ethereum, a decentralized banking system that could upend inefficient and exclusive conventional bank systems and financial markets.

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