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Current Year Finalists

2018 - Energy & Power - Category Winner

Solar Reserve

SolarReserve is solving the problem of meaningfully and cost-effectively storing intermittent renewable energy, so it can be reliable and available to meet electricity demand whenever needed, day and night. Our patented technology captures and stores solar energy in molten salt, providing power utilities and energy intensive entities with 24/7 reliable, non-intermittent renewable energy. Molten salt tower receiver with integrated thermal energy storage leads the concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) industry in terms of efficiency, reliability and cost. The technology provides both energy generation as well as bulk energy storage at a price competitive with conventional generation in many markets.
2018 - Gender Equality - Category Winner


The exclusion of women in the workforce in both developing countries and mature markets has resulted in not only a massive loss of human potential but also loss of human life - especially in countries (including the US) where millions of people continue to lack access to quality, affordable healthcare. doctHERs reintegrates female healthcare providers (HCPs) who have been excluded from the workforce by using a digital health platform that connects remotely-located female doctors (who work from home) to health consumers in need via trusted intermediaries such as tablet-equipped nurse/midwife-assisted video-consultation (telemedicine). doctHERs is unique in that it uses a digital health platform to match the underutilized capacity of female doctors (who would otherwise be excluded from the workforce) to the unmet needs of health consumers in emerging markets - it addresses two market failures in a single platform-based model. To date doctHERs has impacted over 100,000 women, while reinte...
2018 - Food - Category Winner


Protix brings the food system back in balance with nature and it has been their life mission since 2009 with the idea that insects play a pivotal role in nature. Inspired by nature.
2018 - Economy - Category Winner

Fundación Capital

More than two billion of the poorest people in the world have little or no access to a bank account. Fundacion Capital facilitates partnerships between governments and financial institutions to provide inclusive financial services and social programs. It reached over 5 million people in 2016.
2018 - Environment - Category Winner

Afforest for Future

Afforest for Future has a patent pending on its unique mthodology for desert greening and on its Artificial Inteligence alghorithams. Our unique ecosystem restoration approach was developed during my doctoral research at TU Vienna. It is a system powered by an artificial intelligence, data analytics platform, that can identify desert areas which can be greened within 2 yr.
2018 - Materials, Resources & Water - Category Winner


Geopolymers are the new inorganic materials with a polymer structure of molecules. They possess high strength and a range of specific properties that exceed those of natural stone: High resistance to various acids and aggressive substances, and high sulphur resistance due to the absence of сalcium compounds in the structure; Excellent waterproof properties are achieved thanks to mesoporous structure of the material,  big molecules like water can't enter in the geopolymer matrix even if they are pushed using external forces.
2018 - Behavioral Change - Category Winner


There is a global ambition to cut food waste in half. Winnow is a cutting-edge tech that can halve food waste and reduce costs in just a few clicks. Our technology is designed with the busy kitchen in mind. Your kitchen staff can go about their day in the usual manner but with just a few clicks they can track how and what food is wasted. Our system provides both real-time and regular reporting on transparent and measurable data, so that you can easily identify areas for reducing your food waste. Winnow works as follows: Track - food waste is thrown away in the usual way into any bin, which is placed on our smart weighing meter technology; Record - Staff use the simple touchscreen, fully customised to your menu, to quickly identify the type of food thrown away and at what stage. It literally takes seconds; Analyze - Cloud software analyses and records the day
2018 - Smart Cities - Category Winner


Nearly 9% of the waste generated in the European Union comes from households, which means an average of 475kg per person every year. Overall, 26% of municipal waste is still sent to landfill, 27% incinerated and only 47% of municipal waste in EU is composted or recycled. This means that 80 million tons of recyclable materials are thrown away or ‘wasted’ annually Among recyclables, biowaste (and specially food waste) is the most sensitive fraction as its management (as resource for material or energy recovery) is a key point into a good waste management system. Moreover, about 75% of food waste may be avoidable so efforts on prevention should be intensified. Waste management represents a cost of billions of Euros in our public budgets and in environmental terms means over 3% of total GHG emissions in Europe (over 100 million tons of GHG). The challenge is then to improve the waste management not only in economic or operational terms but also considering the environmental and social i...
2018 - Transportation - Category Winner

AirGo Design

Founded in Singapore in 2013, AirGo is an award-winning and patent-pending design concept that will bring both airline profits and passenger experience to a whole new level. AirGo Design offers an ultra-light and thin seat frame that brings human ergonomics to design and it converts to brand engagement and travellers’ preference. Novel, lightweight materials and innovative cushion technology, make direct cost savings to airline partners by reducing jet fuel consumption and carbon footprint due to lightweight seat design; lowering maintenance cost of aircraft interiors; enhancing floor space management; and high recyclability. AirGo seats are 50% lighter and 12% wider than existing long-haul economy seats and offer 4 inch more legroom for the same floor space to the pitch. New technologies include: Self-cleaning surfaces (no maintenance), AirCushion technology with Osteomorphic padding (superior comfort), braided composites (ultra-light), 3D scanning (optimised geometry, ergonomic desig...
The Victoria Hand Project (VHP) aims to produce low-cost, highly functional, printed prosthetics using 3D printing, 3D laser scanning, and 3D software, and develop supply chains throughout the world to helps people regain the ability to do home or work-related tasks, and improve their quality of life.

Finalists for the Katerva Award

A new breed of companies are showing how innovation can be scaled for both business opportunities and global good. Led by resolute and independent thinkers, these companies are making dents in conventional ways of thinking to defy and fight for global change.

The Katerva Award identifies these companies as finalists annually in its global competition –– referred to by Reuters as "the Nobel Prize for Sustainability". Each year, thousands of ideas are submitted to the Katerva Award experts and award council and Katerva selects winners in each of 10 categories.

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