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Moving towards sustainability is at the heart of all that Katerva does and stands for. We know that there are many other organisations who share our passion and sense of urgency. Together we are stronger and can increase our impact manifold compared to each of us pursuing our goals on our own. That's why we delight in collaborating and entering partnerships, mutually supporting each other in our contributions on the journey towards sustainability.

Is your organisation part of this journey? We would love to hear from you to see whether we might be able to support each other.

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Here're our current partners:

Reboot the Future

Reboot the Future is a small foundation on a big mission – to build an increasingly compassionate and sustainable world, founded on The Golden Rule. We, as human beings, are facing profound long-term challenges including widening inequality, economic insecurity and climate breakdown. Change is necessary for the future of the Earth, for our grandchildren, and for theirs. This process will require resetting our intentions, and redesigning our interactions with vision, purpose and, most crucially, with speed. We are determined to enable a radical shift in mindset, based on a Rule as ancient as humanity itself - The Golden Rule: ‘Treat others and the planet as you would wish to be treated’


Cleantech Rising sheds light on the world's greatest environmental issues and the advanced technology to solve them. We make these technical innovations easy to understand and enjoyable to read. The shift to sustainability will lead to immense opportunities, if you're at the forefront of the clean future.



Laka is a non-profit organization and a world-wide network focused on social impact via design and architecture. We share the vision of architecture that helps to develop sustainable and safe societies through a responsible and collaborative design. Through a comprehensive strategy and with the support of our Partners, we develop projects and programs that underline the crucial role of architecture and technology in the process of social change.

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge

The Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) invites innovators who are addressing the many crises facing humanity and the fundamental systems that support life on Earth to enter to win the 2017 Fuller Challenge Prize. For the past decade, The Buckminster Fuller Challenge has been widely regarded as socially-responsible design’s highest award, contributing to advancing whole-systems approaches to solving humanity’s most pressing problems while highlighting and nurturing countless such initiatives.

Accelerating the Future...

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