Katerva supports mission-driven teams using frontier tech to solve humanity's greatest challenges.


We believe we are in the midst of the greatest period of innovation civilisation has ever seen. This century, technology will revolutionise our lives more powerfully and rapidly than the industrial revolution. This time, we have an opportunity - and an obligation - to ensure technology is a force for good that improves the lives of future generations without collateral damage.

We’re optimistic this is possible, and we choose to focus on the possibilities of great teams setting out on meaningful missions. The defining companies of our generation will be addressing fundamental issues in climate, energy and health.

These are the founders we strive to serve. We believe these founders need partners that can provide tactical and practical support, not just irrelevant or grandiose suggestions based on a 30,000-foot view of the business. Early-stage companies have smaller teams and fewer resources, so that an external support system can be critical. This is our reason for being.

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Today, it feels like anyone can start a company, but where most fail is in the execution. We partner closely with founders to help them develop and grow their business. Leveraging our network, we can help them gain access to money, talent and ideas. We love to dig in and get our hands dirty.

More specifically, though it varies greatly from client to client, the types of things we are commonly asked to do include:

Financial Administration and
Other Foundational Systems

Leadership Development
Culture Building

Strategic Planning
and Implementation

Business Development
and Fundraising Support

Market Intelligence and Other Forms of Market Development Support


We benefit from our highly diverse network. Throughout our careers, we constantly sought out different perspectives, ideas, and backgrounds, so over time, our networks have become inherently diverse and differentiated from traditional advisory service organizations, enabling us to quickly and efficiently access whatever our client requires.

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