Project Details
Project Country:USA
Project Type:Innovation Challenge
Project Lead:Anthony Zolezzi
Project Duration:Ongoing


Many communities in Middle America lack access to comprehensive recycling programs both in and out of the home. Single-use plastics saturate convenience stores, yet recycling solutions are few and far between resulting in plastic pollution in local communities


Create a norm around recycling single-use plastics outside of the home.


Used gamification practices to create interactive kiosks and complementary digital platforms to collect plastics in an engaging and rewarding manner, changing the behavior around recycling. The systems currently operate in over 7,000 schools to set the stage for early behavioral adoption and have helped Pepsi Co. to collect over 1 billion bottles and counting through kiosks and behavioral education programs.


19 separate patents were issued around this technology to collect and clean plastics. Out of these new technologies developed, recycled materials have been repurposed into:

  • The first waste-based roofing replacement comprised of recycled plastic and waste paper under the brand Continuus Materials:
  • Packing slip sheets developed out of waste paper under the brand Stevens of Arkansas.
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