Project Details
Project Country:Global / Developing Countries
Project Type:Incentive Competition
Project Lead:Terry Garcia
Project Duration:8 months


Overfishing and illegal fishing threaten the world’s oceans, food security and the livelihood of island nations and coastal communities


The competition was designed to source the best uses of technology and data collection to help combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing affecting island nations and coastal communities. In May 2018, three teams of experts employing the most innovative solutions to halt the growing, global overfishing challenge were awarded the $450,000 prize.


National Geographic Society


ATLAN Space: ATLAN Space is an African aeronautic startup using artificial intelligence to sustain ocean ecosystems.

Marine Conservation Cambodia: Marine Conservation Cambodia is a Cambodian community-based NGO working to protect and restore marine ecosystems in coastal Cambodia.

Pelagic Data Systems: Pelagic Data Systems provides autonomous, rugged, and inexpensive data tools to improve fishery efficiency, enhance the effectiveness of resource management efforts and support programs that verify product origin.

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