Project Details
Project Country:Global/Developing Countries
Project Type:Incentive Competition
Project Lead:Terry Garcia
Project Duration:7 months


Roughly 1.3 billion people—one in five globally—lack access to electricity. Energy poverty prevents advances in education, healthcare, and economic development. Without power, standards of living decline rapidly. Families struggle to find clean methods for heating, cooking and lighting their homes. Discovering modern, sustainable energy solutions is essential to improving living standards in the developing world and is one of the keys to a healthier future for us all.


Two applicants who demonstrate meaningful, sustainable and scalable solutions to off-grid communities will receive $125,000 each to complete their proposed projects.


National Geographic Society


India’s Mera Gao Micro Grid Power and Tanzania’s EGG-energy each win $125,000 for their energy proposals. MGP’s proposed project aims to provide electricity through low-cost, solar-powered microgrid technology to approximately 17,500 people in Laharpur block of Sitapur District, Uttar Pradesh, India. EGG’s proposed project will provide sustainable energy services using 500 mobile-connected, rent-to-own solar systems in the outskirts of Pangani in the Tanga region of Tanzania.


The prize was structured to be an open, transparent and value-added experience for all applicants and judges – many of whom were independent investors looking for new investment opportunities. Throughout the process, applicants were able to communicate with each other in dedicated forums and through private messaging, which helped facilitate collaboration and stimulate competition.

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