Recent projects involving members of the Katerva team:

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Water Management


Marine Protection

Last Mile Connectivity

Saltire prize for wave and tidal energy

Recycling Behavior Change

Organic Produce Accessability


The challenge process typically involves the following set of activities:


A Sprint begins with a clearly defined problem to which no known solution exists yet if one was to be found it would significantly and measurably improve the lives of millions.


With the problem defined, it’s time to identify and engage key operatives and partner organizations with a shared interest in resolving it.


This stage allows researchers and data analysts to establish context and a knowledge baseline for addressing the problem. This stage matches our researchers, analysts and other Sprint participants with domain and industry professionals, policy professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs for knowledge exchange and exploration of specific areas to probe for solutions and insights into best practice, novel practice, and emergent opportunities that are just beginning to show up on various ‘radars.’


This stage allows the Sprint participants to use their baseline understanding, intellectual curiosity, and personal/professional networks to search for solutions that can address the problem directly, or in combination with other potential solutions. This may result in finding a product, tool, application, or approach that already exists, or potentially some promising research that can be translated into an active solution.


This stage allows us to take all that we have researched, found, and examined and then to narrow the potential list of ideas and solutions. This is done in collaboration with key opinion leaders, market experts, and industry mavens and takes into account overall potential impact, feasibility of implementation, viability of business metrics, and end-user desirability. This part of the process culminates in presentations to an esteemed group of judges who choose the opportunities that move onto the next stage of the process.


Working in partnership with the client and relevant partners, the team assembles the key component parts into a holistic and systemic solution that creates the desired outcome.


Working again in partnership with the client and relevant financial partners, this – the seventh and final – stage of the process is focused on (a) determining funding requirements for implementation and scaling; (b) negotiating commercial terms between solution providers and investors; and then helping structure and syndicate any resultant deals. The end goal is societal impact, sustainability, and market appropriate economics.

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