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Katerva uses the power of the crowd to help us find the most promising sustainability innovations on the planet.

Have you spotted a disruptive innovation that you think we feel is worthy of a Katerva Award? If so, please let us know. Thank you!


Katerva is looking for game-changers and industry-breakers; ideas that leap efficiency, lifestyle, and create action that are years ahead of current thinking. These innovations may come in the form of new products, services, technologies, business models, business processes or business practices at any stage of development and in any of the ten Katerva Awards categories.

Nominees must meet the following six criteria:

  1. original
  2. readily available
  3. positive social/environmental impact
  4. financially viable
  5. scientifically feasible
  6. scalable

For more information on the evaluation criteria, click here.

Accelerating the Future...

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