Health and Wellbeing

A society in which everyone can enjoy a long and healthy life. This includes products and technologies that improve either personal or global well-being and longevity, from apps to devices, to new medical equipment and treatments.


2011: BioNTech SE

A Biotechnology company that develops and manufactures active immunotherapies for patient-specific approaches to the treatment of diseases. It develops pharmaceutical candidates based on messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) for use as individualized cancer immunotherapies, as vaccines against infectious diseases and as protein replacement therapies for rare diseases, and also engineered cell therapy, novel antibodies and small molecule immunomodulators as treatment options for cancer.


2012: Bioneedle Technologies

Bioneedles are tiny, biodegradable mini-implants filled with vaccines that are thermo-stabilized. They solve many problems of current vaccines: No needle is involved so needle disposal is not a problem. The vaccines do not need to be kept cold. Implantation is quick and painless. The material surrounding the vaccine absorbs body fluids and degrades within minutes.


2013: Moderna Therapeutics

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology company that’s pioneering a new class of drugs, messenger RNA Therapeutics, that could be used to create a new category of medicines with significant potential to improve the lives of patients.


2014: Spero Therapeutics

Biopharmaceutical company dedicated to identifying, developing and commercializing novel treatments focused on unmet needs of patients with multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacterial infections.


2015: Decibel Therapeutics

A clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to discovering and developing transformative treatments to restore and improve hearing and balance, one of the largest areas of unmet need in medicine.


2016: 10x Genomics

An American biotechnology company that designs and manufactures gene sequencing technology used in scientific research.


2017: OneOme

OneOme analyzes patient DNA via the most complex multi-gene algorithm in the marketplace. Working with physicians and health care providers they minimize errors and failures and advance efficacy and safety. Applied across the majority of pharmaceutical medicine, the result is an actionable, at-a-glance prescription recommendation report that is absolutely personalized to each patient.


2018: Denali Therapeutics

Denali Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of therapies for patients with neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ALS and others.


2019: BlueRock Therapeutics

BlueRock Therapeutics is an engineered cell therapy company with a mission to develop regenerative medicines for intractable diseases.


2020: NitroPep

NitroPep has developed an approach that bonds antimicrobial actives and disinfectants to both metal and plastic surfaces. Laboratory tests have shown that these surfaces can kill more than 99.99% of bacteria in less than five minutes, including strains of MRSA bacteria that have become resistant to several antibiotics.

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