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EcoVolt Reactor

EcoVolt Reactor

Cambrian Innovation

Water is our scarcest global resource with high risk and cost for industry associated. >40% of US waterways and >75% of Chinese waterways are polluted. By 2025, there will be a 40% gap between the supply and demand of water.
Cambrian Innovation helps industrial polluters generate clean water and clean energy from their wastewater streams, turning an environmental liability into a source of value. Our proprietary, bioelectrically-enhanced treatment systems digest high-strength wastewater and produce high-quality biogas in the process.
Our systems are modular and scalable; a net reaction within generates data to help remotely monitor, automate, and stabilize the treatment process in real time; with the production of high-quality biogas, our treatment process can be net energy positive.
A limited footprint can be prohibitive for some facilities. The ability to reuse treated process water for more applications than just those that are non-contact would allow Cambrian to have an even more sustainable impact.
A distributed water and wastewater infrastructure impacts the entire world. A food manufacturer in the heart of a densely populated urban space can take advantage of a micro-utility that will reduce water and carbon footprints as well as operating costs. A small brewery in rural Wyoming can sustainably make beer, while generating clean water and clean energy completely independent of municipal infrastructure. Small living communities once dependent on septic systems can harness the power of biology to not only treat and reuse their wastewater, but also generate heat and electricity in the process. More generally, Cambrian is committed to a future where the traditionally linear approach to managing waste is reshaped; where waste becomes a resource. Everyone can benefit from such an industrial model.

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