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Past Winners in the category Behavioral Change

2017 - Behavioral Change - Category Winner

APOPO is a non-profit organization that trains giant African pouched rats, nicknamed ‘HeroRATs’, to save lives by detecting landmines and tuberculosis by using their impressive olfactory skills.

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2016 - Behavioral Change - Category Winner

The Texas-based startup, Choose Energy, was founded in 2008 as a marketplace for clean technology and services. Choose Energy, launched with the vision of simplifying shopping for electricity and natural gas rates, plan terms and renewable energy options for the average consumer and small business. Choose Energy makes it easy for people to save money on energy costs by switching to a 100% green product such as wind power.
2015 - Behavioral Change - Category Winner

Fairphone is a social enterprise company which aims to develop smartphones that are designed and produced with minimal harm to people and the planet.
2014 - Behavioral Change - Category Winner

Through extensive outreach and citizen engagement, San Francisco is pursuing a goal of zero waste by 2020 and has achieved an 80% landfill diversion rate with environmental and social benefits. San Francisco’s Zero Waste Program pursues the best use of materials, in collaboration with producer and consumer responsibility. The program conducts extensive outreach and assistance to encourage participation and mandatory compliance. It is entirely funded by “pay-as-you-throw” rates, providing financial incentives for both citizens and businesses to divert waste. The Green Job Training program employs economically disadvantaged people from different backgrounds to conduct outreach in the field. Providing direct face-to-face assistance, the program helps citizens become aware of waste issues and start sorting waste correctly. San Francisco has also initiated a Styrofoam food ware ban, plastic bag ban, and mandatory recycling and composting.
2013 - Behavioral Change - Category Winner

Kiva, a San Francisco nonprofit founded in 2005, runs a microfinancing website that lets people loan as little as $25 to individuals and small businesses, directed at fighting poverty around the globe. In 2013 Kiva started a project called Kiva U that trains teachers and supplies them with materials so they can teach students about Kiva’s style of microfinance.
2012 - Behavioral Change - Category Winner

A massive multiplayer online game, invented by a game science professor at University of Washington, which allows non-experts to solve complex scientific problems. Example: in 10 days, players solved the problem of the protein structure of the HIV virus.
2011 - Behavioral Change - Category Winner is creating a global movement to stop the climate crisis through online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions that are led from the bottom up by thousands of volunteer organizers in over 188 countries.

Behavioral Change

Behavioral Change

Behavior is the mirror in which everyone displays his own image.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Poet
Even when new technologies come out weekly, people can often be a mass of unchanging habits. This category covers those initiatives that educate people, raise awareness, and work towards better morals and habits at a global level. The best technologies can do little to save the planet if individuals do not decide to use them.

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