The Katerva Awards Sectors

For the past decade, we’ve been helping to accelerate ideas that leap efficiency, lifestyle, and create an action that is a generation ahead of current thinking.

To get a sense of some of the amazing things we have come across over the years – many of which have gone to become billion-dollar enterprises – please see below.

Food and Water

This category includes projects changing what we eat, how we eat, and how we get our food.

Energy and Environment

This category includes solar, wind, and any other innovative ideas to create clean power (either for personal use or at a large scale) or new systems for better electricity capture, storage or distribution. It also covers technologies and programs to protect and regenerate forests, oceans, our atmosphere, and other limited environments as well as initiatives to create sustainable land use processes.

Health and Wellbeing

This category includes products and technologies that improve either personal or global well-being and longevity, from apps to devices, to new medical equipment and treatments.

Human and Economic Development

This category covers initiatives related to maintaining and improving the quality of life for all people regardless of race, color or creed.

Cities and Mobility

A society in which everyone can live and move freely, safely and pollution-free. This category includes buildings, landscapes, materials, and programs that make cities—and living in them—cleaner, more efficient, more beautiful, and more equitable for their citizens. It also covers innovations and efforts leading to safe and accessible, low- or zero-carbon transportation forms and efforts to improve current methods of mass transportation of materials.

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